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@chunkymonkeyglitter follow and Use the #chunkymonkeyglitter hashtag showing off your creations on instagram or tiktok for a chance to be featured -here-

@chunkymonkeyglitter -follow and Use the #chunkymonkeyglitter hashtag showing off your creations on instagram or tiktok for a chance to be featured -here-






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3-5 days we only ship out during the weeks. weekend we restock.

if you received an email saying a partial refunded. means one for the items in your order. is out of stock, and won't be restock for another month.

Please remember packages can be delayed due to COVID19. once the package is out of our hands. we have no control over how long it takes to arrive.

tracking number will be sent to your email. please check junk or spam. before contacting us -here-

At one point we did flat rate shipping for international orders meaning we had a set price for shipping options. The problem with this was sometimes we were forking out anywhere from $50-100 of our own funds to cover the shipping that wasn't paid by the customer because when we went to purchase shipping, the prices were a lot more than our flat rate prices. As much as we wanted to help out with costs, it added up over time and became hard to cover for our still small business. Because of this, and because of shipping prices, we have changed all international shipping to calculate per each order based on weight and where it is being shipped to.

(disclaimer -Please note that the UPS option may be cheaper, but may charge you more fees upon arrival to you, note that we have no control over this. )

please contact us -here- with order number, name and correct address.


shipping address is located on the box. please contact us -here- first.

We do not offer exchange at this time.

for a full refund. please contact us -here- before your items has been shipped, once they do for a full refund. we need the box back unopened and the glitter unused for a full refund, please contact us first.

Please contact us at -here-

we also recommend to make a claim with usps

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My ultimate goal is to be able to constantly restock all the glitter! Everything but seasonal Glitter will always be worked on being restocked! Seasonal may only come around close to its season! I know how needed glitters like Black, White, glow in the dark etc is. As I grow my business, my goal is to always have them in stock, but please bare with me as I am only one person, so restocking may take a bit & ontop of that I want to be able to still offer new glitter!
If a glitter you are wanting is currently out of stock, just know it will be restocked soon! Best way to find out about a restock is to sign up for email notifications located on our website! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more updates.

I get to many messages in the day to be able to track and to match name with order. if you have a question over your order -here-

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The coupon code can be placed at checkout. There is a box that will say coupon or discount code make sure the code is spelled correctly and make sure to click "apply" for it to apply to your cart. 

Only one code can be used per order. Shopify does not allow for more than one coupon to be entered at checkout.

you have 12hrs from the moment the order is placed. to send us an email -here- with your order number and the coupon code, please allow us 24-48 for an email confirmation.