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Unleash the sparkling mystery with our Rhinestone Kit! 🌟 This enchanting kit comes with 20 lustrous colors, rhinestones. Add a touch of elegance and glamour to your crafts with this abundant collection. ✨ Let your creativity shine as you embellish and bedazzle your projects with these radiant gems. Whether you're creating dazzling jewelry, adorning clothing, or adding a glimmering touch to your accessories, this Rhinestone Kit will make your creations truly mesmerizing. 💎 Embrace the mystery and let your imagination run wild with this treasure trove of rhinestones! 💫

 each kit includes a rhinestone pen and rhinestone tray 

Please note that these kits are a delightful mystery, making every unboxing an exciting surprise! Due to the nature of mystery kits, exchanges are not available. Get ready to embrace the unknown and let your creativity shine with these mesmerizing rhinestones! ✨🌈



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