chunky monkey bling kit VOL .1

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  • 10.oz of rhinestone 
  • Flat-back Rhinestones- Include 10 colors
  • Material -resin rhinestones With AB coating tech,
  • Storage-  18 small grids, 


  1. Jelly light amethyst ab     3mm 5mm
  2. Jelly blue zircon ab            3mm 5mm
  3. Jelly rose gold ab               3mm 5mm
  4. Solid black                            3mm 5mm
  5. Solid white                            3mm 5mm 
  6. Crystal ab                              3mm 5mm 
  7. Jelly sapphire ab                           5mm 
  8. Transparent amethyst ab 3mm 5mm
  9. Transparent pink ab           3mm 5mm
  10. Transparent clear                         5mm 


Rhinestone chart 

  • ss6     ss12      ss14            ss16          ss20
  • 2mm  3mm     3.5mm       4mm          5mm 


WHATS ITS FOR! - bling home decor, bling phone cases, bling lamp shade, bling converse, bling coffee maker, belt, camera strap and jewelry, your car, hey even your fridge, no judgment coming from here, bling away! 


Shipping 3-5 days week days only.
Weekend is for restocking 💜
It is the customer's responsibility to use the product correctly once in their hands. Please do not toss down the drain or use for pranks.Use every little sparkle
We cannot guarantee 100% cross contamination free glitter, we try our best!
All of our glitter and rhinestone. are weigh prior to packaging. Packaging is not counted as part of net weight”



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